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1969 Nova brake caliper issue | Chevy Nova Forum

I ordered calipers for a 69 nova and turned in my cores not realizing they wouldn't work. My cores have already been sent to the manufacturer and can't be returned. I noticed that the spindles have G 78 on them and the calipers bolt directly to the spindle. One …


disc brake bearing grease and install into hub (5). Slide the hub assembly onto the spindle. Secure using spindle washer (11) and spindle nut (12), Photo 6. Adjust bearings per OEM specifications. Install a new cotter pin (13). •Press the dust cap (14) into the hub (5). NOTE: Do not hammer center of cap. Install using outer flange only.

AMMCO 4000B Brake Lathe with 2500 Bench and E-Kit Adapter ...

Combination Lathe for Brake Drums and Rotors, Less Adapters, 110V, 60Hz (Must be Purchased with a Bench Lathe Adapter Kit) AMMCO™ Model 4000B Combination Disc and Drum Brake Lathe The Ammco 4000B Combination Disc and Drum Brake Lathe has been professionals' first choice for more than 50 years. And for good reason. It's simple. It's fast.

RASOMA Werkzeugmaschinen | Vertikaldrehmaschinen ...

RASOMA Werkzeugmaschinen - 80 Jahre Tradition und Innovation. Vertikaldrehmaschinen, Endenbearbeitungszentren, Sondermaschinen, Automatisierung, Planung ...


CNC Double Disc Grinding Machine CNC GDS 15 / 22 This is the official website of HMT Machine Tools Limited A Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Heavy Industries,

Swapping Disc-Brake Spindles - Mopar Muscle Magazine

Read on as we swap '73-and-up A and B-body disc brake spindles and put each to the test. For more details and photos, check out Mopar Muscle Magazine

Installing Disc Brakes on a 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe

Here we install new brakes and a Fatman Fabrications Mustang-II front suspension on our 1940 Ford. MR. 1 of 22. Our Fatman Fabrications chassis came equipped with the very common 1974-1978 Ford Pinto/Mustang II–style disc brake spindles, which dictates what Wilwood kit we'll be using. To mate up to our Mustang II spindle, we'll be using ...

H-52 / H-60 / H-70 Axle Assembly - AL-KO

Double lipped spring loaded seals Precision machined spindle with inner journal dimension of 1 ¾" and an outer journal dimension of 1 ¼" Available in 655 and 865 bolt patterns (7,000 lb. uses 8 lug only) Integral cast hubs / drums CNC machined accuracy CSA approved 12" electric brake or choose optional hydraulic drum or disc brake


Jaguar XK 120 with brake discs. A year later, in 1954, the first ventilated brake disks were implemented to the AlfaRomeo car. But it was not until 1963 that a big truck was equipped with Knorr disk brakes, and in 1969 this technology was applied for the first time in motorcycles (Baker, 1986).

RL-8500XLT Combination Lathe - Brake Lathes - Ranger Products

The heavy-duty, extended RL-8500XLT combination brake lathe is capable of truing a full 10" deep brake drum. It features independent DC servo motors to command both the spindle feed drives and cross feed drives. This eliminates complex gear boxes and transmissions found on mechanically-driven lathes. Starting at $9,375. FREE SHIPPING!


TCK680 adopts independent spindle, double triangular guide rail, center screw rod, X- direction super stroke, with accuracy compatible with cutting performance. The main motor and the main shaft transmit power with a large reduction ratio of 1:3, and 11kw AC servo motor is selected, which has strong cutting force. In view of the

Double spindle machining center - RASOMA

Diameter of brake disk, max. 450 mm Thicknesses of brake disc 8-45 mm Slide travel X 1,170 mm Slide travel Z 380 mm Main spindle Motor spindle Siemens torque motor Spindle head DIN 55026 A6 Turning spindle drilling 32 mm Speed Max. 280 U/min Drill spindles Number 2, optional 4 or 6 Motor spindle Siemens synchronos motor Spindle head HSK 50

Home - WMT CNC Industrial Co.

CK6150 is suitable for turning inner and outer cylindrical surface, end surface, taper surface, ... Brake Disc Drum Lathe Machine C50 Applicable for repairing brake discs of medium & small vehicles. ... How to Choose A Suitable Double Spindle Swiss Type CNC Lathe Machine.

Dual-spindle Dual ATC Dual Z Axis Machining Center

Dual-spindle, Dual ATC, Dual Z Axis design double raises machining efficiency. The integrated design optimizes the machine structure with a reasonable layout, which brings better rigidity and higher reliability. Adapting pre-load technology on ball screw realizes higher transmission accuracy and longer working service.

Double spindle CNC lathe DKCK-ST80 - wxdike.com

Double spindle CNC lathe (DKCK-ST80) DKCK-ST80 double-spindle CNC lathe,equals two sets of high precision CNC lathes,combined with automatic loading and unloading conveyor.It occupies less working space,avoids workpiece injury,saves energy,has high efficiency etc.

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Getting the right spin. WEISSER rotational turning 2.0 as a high-level technology for hard fine machining focuses on potential for improvement in terms of process reliability, machining times, process speed and accuracy (surface quality, diameter and shape tolerance and roughness).


spindle to stop at desired programmed position. Useful in broaching and manual part loading applications where a ˜ xed spindle position is required. ULTIMATE TURNING POWER TURRET HEAD Material : FCD500 PULLEY Material : FC30 CYLINDER Material : S45C BRAKE DISC Material : ASTM G3000 WHEEL Material : Aluminum SPINDLE Material : SCM21H COUPLING ...

Monorails - Knorr-Bremse

turning to monorail systems. ... bRAkE CoNTRoL bRAkE dISC bRAkE CALIpER ENTRANCE SYSTEM Merak our mission is to be the most respect- ... free spindle drive and encapsulated recirculating ball bushings nSingle-leaf and double-leaf versions n nNeeds no more than one linear guiding

Wheel end bearing and seal installation guide - SKF

On disc brake cars, loosen and remove the brake caliper mounting bolts (ig. 1). CAUTION: The brake line does not need to be disconnected, but the caliper must be supported while disconnected to avoid brake line damage. The caliper can usually be rested on …

China CNC Turning Lathe Suppliers, Factory - CNC Turning ...

CNC High Precision Vertical Lathe Machine//Turning Machine /CNC Machine for Turning Atuto Parts / Brake Drum/Metal Circle/Brake Disc/Brake Shoe. Model: TCK-45L Turning Dia.: 450 mm Turning Length: 500 mm Spindle: A2-6 / A2-8 Chuck: 8" / 10" Read More

B 325 – Hunger Maschinen

Description. Technical Data. Details and Pictures. The B 325 is a universal brake drum and brake disc turning and grinding machine complete with cross-feed. It is also eminently suitable for turning and grinding flywheel clutch faces. Due to its many advantages, it has now become the standard machine in brake servicing shops. Key features include:

Vertical turning center DKCK-DL5

Vertical turning center DKCK-DL5. The DKCK-DL5 vertical turning center is able to machine workpieces having a maximum diameter of up to 300 mm. TheDKCK- DL5 is one of DIKE's modular turning centers that stand out by their very compact design.The DKCK-DL5 also features an integrated pick-up automation system.

CNC Double Disc Grinding Machine CNC GDS 15 / 22 | HMT MT

CNC Double Disc Grinding Machine CNC GDS 15 / 22 Salient Features : Ideal grinder for mass production of components having two flat and opposite parallel …

Turning and milling -- Shenzhen Sowin Precision Machi

125E double spindle series. 20E single spindle series. 205E double Spindle Series. ... 46YL2 turning and milling compound. ... Ultra-long X-axis travel, double-disc hydraulic brake, large processing space, strong cutting ability, and high cost performance. SC-46YL1. SC-46YL2.

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